Piranha Cut

What’s in Your Scissors

What's in Your Scissors

Piranha Cut Scissors is hand-honed either as a razor edge or supercut using 440C Japanese Stainless Steel, J2 Japanese Stainless Steel, and long-lasting German Stainless Steel as per our worthy customer’s requirements. All these superior metals have high hardness and they have very strong corrosion resistance.

Supercut scissors also have a micro serration to give them more precision so they don’t slip or miss hair while cutting. Piranha Cut Scissors are ideal for blond, brunette, and Caucasian hair. At Barber schools and hair academies professionals, master barbers, and students like them equally. They are equally good for use at salons and homes.

Barber Scissors with Adjustable Screw has an adjustable tension screw for tighten/ slacken tension whilst cutting; using a key that is provided with each scissors. We also offer a spring leaf tension adjustment system that can be adjusted manually.

Hairdressing Scissors with Ergo Handle has been so perfectly designed that they cut smoothly through dry as well as wet hair with precision. The ergonomically designed handles make them ideal for barbers and beauticians who work for long hours. They are lightweight and extremely smooth scissors so there is no stress on the barber’s wrist and ultimately no fatigue even after many cuttings in a day.

Hairdressing Scissors with Offset Handle has been crafted keeping in view the requirements of hair colorists and hair artists who normally cut the hair at different angles for detailed cutting and slice cutting.

Hairstyling Scissors with Dragon Handle has a variety of dragon handle patterns that you can choose from and razor edge barber scissors have a razor edge convex hollow ground blades for improved edge retention.

Whether you want scissors in mirror polish or with titanium blue coating/ rainbow color, we can do it for you. Furthermore, Gold colored scissors, satin finish, and black coating, all these varieties, are available according to customer’s requirements.

Comfortable & stylish design with anatomical thumb and rubber finger inserts. Rubber inserts are supplied to keep the finger hole fit according to your finger size.

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