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How to Buy Hairdressing Scissors – Complete Guide

hairdressing scissors

When crafting stunning haircuts, whether a basic trim or a major restyle, every hairdresser needs the right pair of hairdressing scissors to work more quickly.

If you’ve worked as a hairdresser for a while, you’ll be well-versed in how to choose hairdressing scissors. However, if you’re new to hairstyling, you might not know what to look for.

Here at Piranha Cut, we’re taking a closer look at our Razor Edge Barber Scissors, Sword Blade Barber Scissors, and Super Cut Barber Scissors to learn more about how important it is to choose the ideal pair of scissors for you and why these scissors are such an essential part of any hairdresser’s toolkit.

Importance of Right Pair Of Hairdressing Scissor

When selecting the ideal pair of hairdressing scissors for you, consider what type of cutting style you use the most. This will help you figure out which scissor shape is optimal for your cutting skill. Will there be a lot of layers and soft edges in your work?

Then, determine which size is ideal for you. When cutting hair, smaller scissors between 4.5′′ and 5.5′′ provide a more exact shape. Longer scissors, 6 inches and up, are ideal for the scissor over the comb technique and more fundamental trims.

With this in mind, we recommend measuring the length of the blade against your middle finger and the whole length of the scissors against the palm of your hand when choosing the perfect scissors for you. It’s worth mentioning that most scissors can make cuts ranging from 4.5″ to 8″ in length.

You should also consider your requirements. Do the scissors, for example, require a coating? Do you have a nickel allergy? Do you require left-handed scissors?

Shape Of the Scissors

Correct pair of scissors should always feel comfortable in your hand to avoid hand fatigue. Scissors come in three different shapes:


The upper and lower blades of these scissors, also known as straight scissors, are the same shape. The rings are perfectly aligned, one on top of the other.


The handle section of offset scissors is slanted, and the handle shank is shortened with the thumb ring. Many people like to hold the scissors with their ring fingers since they can angle their hands more quickly.


These are a scissor with a highly extreme offset. The upper blade is straight, and the grip shank has a sharply downward-angled thumb ring.

What Kind of Cut You Need There

Scissors that you purchase can be used in various ways to generate various cuts.


Serrated scissors (or micro-serrated scissors) include one blade with serrations to grip the hair and generate a straight cut, but they cannot be used for slice cutting or chopping, making them ideal for novices. Convex edge scissors have the sharpest and smoothest cutting blades, making them ideal for cutting slices and chopping.

Thinning Scissor

Hairdressing thinning scissors can be an entire blade and one comb-like ‘toothed’ blade. Rather than a straight or blunt edge, these are typically utilized to minimize the bulk in thick hair, enhance the structure, and provide a softer impression.

Holding The Scissor to Create Cut

  • Fully offset scissors are suggested for vertical cutting and straight-line cutting since the scissors must be held perfectly vertical.
  • Cutting bluntly – bobs and one length: Fully offset scissors are advised since they must sit flat on the neck and keep the fingers out of the way.
  • Deep point cutting necessitates a high elbow. Therefore classic scissors with a straight set are suggested.
  • Fine or narrow-tipped scissors are suitable for intricate work while looking for neat lines around the hairline’s boundaries.
  • Scissors over comb: Larger sizes are required to avoid ‘chunk’ lines in the cut.

How Often Will Your Scissors Need Sharpening?

It is critical to keep your scissors in good working order. When shears become dull, they tear the hair rather than cutting it, resulting in an uneven cut that may cause more harm than good, which is bad for your reputation.

The frequency with which you should sharpen your scissors is determined by how frequently they are used, the cutting you do, how well you care for them, and the blade you are using. In general, all scissors should be sharpened at least once a year, but be careful who sharpens them. Sharpening convex blades necessitates specialized expertise and equipment.

It’s also essential to keep your scissors in good working order by cleaning and oiling them regularly and ensuring they’re tensioned appropriately.

Which Hairdressing Scissor is Best to Buy?

Our professional hairdressing scissors are designed to provide you with the ultimate cutting experience, from cheap student scissors to top-of-the-line, premium Japanese steel hairdressing scissors.

If you’re looking for a set of Razor Edge Barber Scissors, Here at Piranha-cut you explore a wide range of hairdressing scissors according to your choice.

For precise cuts, we recommend the Barber Scissors with Adjustable Screw, as well as the Hairdressing Scissors Offset Handle.

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