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Hairdressing Scissors That You Must Have in Your Kit

best hairdressing scissors with kit

When it comes to purchasing professional hairdressing scissors, it might be a challenge for new hairdressers who are just beginning to learn the art of cutting hair. There are so many options for hairdressing scissors on the market that you may or may not need.

Types Of Hairdressing Scissors

Scissor Tech has spent decades learning the ins and outs of the hair industry, and as a result, they know just what a hairdresser needs in the way of hairdressing scissors. With our list of the essential hairdressing equipment, you won’t be taken in by cunning advertising.

Short Bladed Cutting Scissor

The blade length should be considered when purchasing a new pair of professional hairdressing scissors UK. With less weight and control, short-bladed cutting scissors can be used by hairstylists with smaller hands to reduce hand strain.

Generally speaking, 4 to 5.5-inch bladed hair cutters are ideal for most hairstyles. With their 5.5-inch length, these 2018 Matsui Matte Black Archei Mountain Offset scissors are ideal for slicing and detailing haircuts.

Long Bladed Barber Scissor

Using barbering techniques, such as cutting the hair with a single snip, requires the scissor to cover a larger area of hair. Because of the scissors’ long blades, the cutting line will be straight and not crooked. Straight cutting lines necessitate barbering scissors with six to seven inches blade length.

Wider Tooth Thinning Shears

A pair of razor-sharp scissors with fewer teeth is necessary for any toolbox. For thinning out sections of hair, use these thinners. Thinner scissors’ few teeth allow more hair to be removed with each snip than more giant scissors. With thick or coarse hair, you’ll be able to save time and effort by using this method.

Texturizing Scissors

You can cut more than you want to in thinning out hair while using ordinary cutting scissors. Make sure you have a thickener with lots of teeth in your toolbox to avoid this. Using texturizing scissors, hair will be thinned out gradually rather than drastically. When you’re texturizing fine hair, this will give you more control and precision.

Swivel Scissors

Working in a salon for long periods can cause stress and strain on the wrists and hands. Investing in a pair of swivel scissors can help alleviate soreness in your hands. After a while, regular hairdressing scissors can cause pain to your thumb by locking it in one place.

The rotating thumb ring on swivel scissors allows for greater control and comfort when using them. The swiveling thumb ring on these gloves allows you to use your hands as naturally as possible. As a result, your haircutting experience will be less painful and more enjoyable.

Check out our quality variety of left handed hairdressing scissors in the shop and see if you can find any new additions to your collection after reading this guide. We have a wide variety of hairdressing scissors to help you become a master stylist!

Ask if you Can Return them if they’re Not Right

An investment in high-quality hairdressing scissors is not a small one. It’s impossible to know how a pair of scissors will feel and cut in your hands by looking at a picture of them online.

You may find that they’re too short, too heavy, or in the wrong color. Whatever the case may be, you should be able to exchange them for something more suitable. If something isn’t quite right, you should be able to return it if necessary. After all, mistakes do happen.

Ask About Warranty

The warranties on professional hairdressing scissors and shears aren’t the same. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty, whereas others offer a few years.

Investing a bit more money upfront in a higher-quality pair of scissors means you’ll have scissors that last longer. Having your favorite pair of scissors break down and not being covered by a warranty is enough to bring you to tears.

Where to Buy the Best Quality Hairdressing Scissor

Our clients are important to us at Piranha Cut, and we strive to make them happy. We can guide you in the right direction, whether you’re just starting in the field or have a wealth of experience.

You’re covered by our exchange policy on any scissors or shears, whether you use our services or choose to purchase them on your own. We encourage you to give them a try, and if you decide they aren’t suitable for you, please let us know within seven days so that we can exchange them for another pair or give you a refund.

Check out our selection of hairdressing scissors, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch with us using our online contact form or our live chat! 

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